Posted by Pete Short on 17/12/2016 09:00


I heard an interesting fact this week, 95% of people say that they have something wrong with them. 
Interesting, but not surprising
Actually, the interesting point was that this means 5% of people claim to have nothing at all wrong. 
I wonder why they are pretending.
10 years ago I was studying Biology in university. I remember learning about a tiny bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (HP for short). About 40% of people in the UK have HP in their stomach so it is very common. 
In nearly nine out of 10 people who have HP, it does not cause any problems. Where carriers develop symptoms they get stomach ulcers and it is entirely unpleasant.
The good news is that if you have HP there is a simple remedy - antibiotics. They work quickly and effectively.
The difficult bit is not the cure, but knowing that you need it in the first place.
It might sound like a tedious link, but this is exactly what it's like in the human condition. 
Some of us feel like everything is fine. Lots of us recognise that something isn't quite right. Several of us make our own cures or try things that our friends tell us will help. 
At Christmas we remember that God loves us so much that He send us His Son as our cure, our remedy - Jesus.
Like all good health services, He is freely available at the point of need. But unlike the NHS, you don't need an appointment, and he's open all through the festive period. 
If you've never given Him a chance, then this Christmas why not? You might even find that He's the remedy for things you didn't even know were broken.
Song for the week:
 Remedy - David Crowder Band 


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