Posted by Pete Short on 14/11/2015 08:45

How can you go to bed feeling safe and wake up feeling unsafe?

The tragic events of last night haven't sunk in yet. All I do know is that what we can do immediately is pray.

We don't need a 'song for the week' and other opportunities to distract ourselves from what we should be doing which is to be on our knees praying for and on behalf of all those affected by this. 

Not saying sending a nice tweet that says something like 'praying for Paris', not sitting with our eyes closed for a few seconds and thinking about what's happened - we need to actually pray. Get alone with God, speak out loud, ask Him to be a part of the help that goes on there today, that His Holy Spirit will be present.

Then rinse and repeat later today and later this week. The situation won't stop in a single day and nor should our prayers.


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