I'll bring You more than a song

Posted by Pete Short on 24/10/2015 09:00

I’ll bring You more than a song

In John 4:23, Jesus says:
‘a time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks.’

Its interesting to notice that Jesus tells us here that God is looking for ‘worshipers’ and not for ‘worship’.
Recently I heard Bill Johnson (an American pastor) say that God has always and will always be motivated only by love, and therefore He always chooses the best for us. So, if he calls us to be worshippers then it must be for our own good, and must have a lasting effect on our lives.

God has called us all to be worshipers. That doesn’t mean that everyone has been blessed with incredible musical ability, but that it is part of our spiritual DNA to worship God.
I’ve said before that worship can be described as kissing the face of God, but worship is also described as the act of assigning worth to something.

Everybody worships something. That something can be constant, or can change day by day. For some its money, for others influence or knowledge, for others sex and for other music. For example, one of my favourite bands is Coldplay (complaints and arguments on a postcard to idontcare@hotmail.com) and I assign worth to them by buying their albums and going to concerts. Or perhaps I am worshiping my work by putting in long hours trying to get the next promotion. There is absolutely no problem at all in enjoying and spending time and money on the things that give us pleasure, all that God asks is that we put Him at the very top of our list. The Bible doesn’t say ‘You shall have no other Gods’ it says ‘You shall have no other Gods before me’[1]. Put God at the top of our priority list and everything else will fall into a sensible perspective.

If we are to worship Him above all other things, and we want to assign worth to Him, then our worship should be costly If the only thing we do when we worship is to sing songs, then to be honest, we would probably be better off at a Coldplay gig – the music would almost certainly be better!
We must bring more than just a nice song to offer to Him, there must be some sort of sacrifice involved.
In the Old Testament, King David refused to offer to God an animal in sacrifice which He had received for free. He insisted that He must offer something that had cost Him. [2]

We are fortunate that we live this side of Jesus’ cross and resurrection which means (thankfully) that we don’t have to offer God burnt animals as a sacrifice in worship. The sacrifice that we make is our lives, our hearts. Everyone sacrifices their life to something (see the list above), the question is, will we sacrifice our lives to things of this world, or will we sacrifice our lives to God and trust that He knows what He is doing?

We must bring something more valuable than just a song.

[1] – Exodus 20:3
[2] – 1 Chronicles 21:24

Heart of worship

Keep the faith

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