Let heaven come

Posted by Pete Short on 05/12/2015 09:00

We pray for the worship life of our church regularly, and it is our prayer that our shared times of worship at St John’s will be powerful in their ability to draw us incredibly close to God.

As we worship we are:
- joining with the sound of heaven and earth who are always praising their creator.
- doing exactly what we were created to do
- practicing for what we will be doing for eternity in heaven
- longing for things on earth to mirror the perfect way that they are in heaven.

Through advent we are looking forwards to the day when Jesus returns and we are raised to eternal life with Him. But in the meantime, our desire is for the reality of heaven to be mirrored in our lives on earth – if Jesus comes back while we are doing this then great, but advent is about being active in our waiting, not passive.

Sometimes it feels like we are a million miles away from God, but when we worship together the gap between heaven and earth becomes thin. We can look at the face of God, we can sing to Him, we can tell Him what is on our hearts. But, more than that, He speaks to us.

The bible talks about God’s Kingdom frequently. This is often misunderstood as meaning ‘heaven’ but I don’t quite think that is a broad enough definition. The ‘Kingdom of God’ exists in any place that God is King – so yes, it definitely includes heaven, but it also means that when we meet as a church to worship Him and to put Him in His rightful place we are building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
We must desire that as Christians – I don’t just mean ‘Oooo, wouldn’t that be nice’! We have to pursue this with all that we have.

God won’t ever force His way in, we must give Him permission. We should eagerly desire His presence.

Please join me and pray regularly for the worship life of our church, that we can be marked as a church that echoes heaven when we worship together.

Song for the week:
I see heaven – Katie Torwalt

Our Father – Bethel

If any of this has grabbed your interest and you want to chat about it, then you can reach me on Twitter @peterjshort. I’d love to hear from you.


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