I'm still in Your hands

Posted by Pete Short on 13/08/2017 14:10

This month has been tough, losing such an incredible friend after a short illness. The mixed emotions churn me up on the inside and out. One the one hand I can picture him sat worshipping at Jesus feet in heaven - the place he was made for, and that makes me smile. On the other hand I am frequently reminded of the huge hole that he has left behind in my life and of so many of my friends and family.

Probably naively, I think I was starting to assume that I 'understood God'. I definitely don't. I'm not sure I'll ever understand what's happened this summer. I do however believe that God is still good, that He still holds us in the palm of His hand.


Simon taught me so much during his life, and I'd like to share just two of those things with you:

A prayer journal
When I was in my early 20's I heard loud and clear from God - a picture of how much He loved me and always would. Simon asked me if I had a prayer journal and advised me to start one. Somewhere to write down all the times that I've heard God speak. The words of knowledge and encouragement that He has spoken over me and into my life. The pictures and verses that my church friends have passed on to me. Simply a record of all the truth that God has spoken into me over a number of years.
Simon reminded me that sometimes God might feel a bit distant, and that the promises He's made in the past continue to be true even if we don't hear His voice right now.
If I'm honest I'm not usually the kind of person that spends much time looking backwards, so whilst I do still write down things I've heard from God I don't really spend too much time looking back over those promises.

This month has been different.
I don't feel like I've heard God speak.
Perhaps Ive been shouting too much to hear Him.

Despite that silence, my prayer journal has spoken loud and clear.

I have read and remembered answered prayers, hopeless situations that have been turned around, words of encouragement and truth and life and love that God has given me. Those are the things that my faith is based upon today - I'm living of documented memories of how good God has been in my past, rather than a faith rooted in how I actually feel right now.
Feelings are funny things, they betray truth and history.

Here are the three things I'm singing and praying right now:

- I don't know what's going on right now God
- I've seen You move in the past
- I believe I'll see you do it again


Teaspoon prayers

When Simon started at St Johns as a curate, he asked the whole church to pray for him regularly. He asked that we would pray for him every time we find a teaspoon at the bottom of the washing up bowl. We've done that consistently since that day, while he was a curate at St. John's, a vicar in Parbold and when he joined us again in Burscough. Prayer is so important, it aligns our hearts with Gods and through it God brings about measurable change.
Now when I find a rogue teaspoon I don't need to pray for Simon, He is in safe hands. My prayers now are for everyone that are waiting for the day when they get to meet Simon again - I encourage you to join me in those prayers.


Until we meet again my friend. 


Song for the week:

Elevation Worship - Do it again



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