I won't forget the love You've shown

Posted by Pete Short on 25/05/2016 09:09


Crikey, this Christian this is tough sometimes isn’t it. Too many distractions, things the world throws at us to encourage us to take our eyes off the prize, worry, doubt, stress, work, illness. 

We will all go through different seasons in our faith, not experiencing the same things at the same time, all working though different difficulties, and all the while (I hope) trying to get closer to God through the process.

For me at the moment, the thing blocking my path is busyness. My wife can always tell when I’m busy because I get grumpy. Life turns into a great big checklist, a list of things ‘to do’. Needless to say, there isn’t enough time to get them all done today, which means that I need to know what my priorities are.
We have a bit of a mantra at work which is ‘we don’t miss deadlines’. From time to time that means working late, sometimes working early (im writing this on a 6am train to London), and sometimes both. Over a period of time I’ve become quite good at prioritising, looking ahead and deciding what is the most important thing to do right now and getting on with it. Unfortunately, when time is short, it is not just the aspect of my work life that find themselves on my ‘to do list’. There is the whole host of other things that I want to do each week that I have to try and find a way to fit in… get the washing dried, spend time with my family, training for a half marathon, cut the grass, get song sets ready for this week’s services, band practice… they all end up on my mental ‘to do list’ and I find myself working hard to tick them off, rather than enjoying them as they occur.

My experience is that this is the same in our relationship with God. Sometimes the busyness of life makes it difficult to spend quality time with God each day. We get ourselves into ‘to do list’ mode with God:
- Read the bible – tick
- Pray – tick
- Church on Sunday – tick
(ok, so 2 out of 3 ain’t bad is it!?)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that those spiritual disciplines should be ignored – they are so important, and perhaps something I’ll write about another day. But, what I need right now isn’t a tick list full of stuff. Stuff can wait. What I need is time with the creator. One who is bigger than all this stuff, and One who puts all the stuff back into a perfect perspective.

Its not easy and I get it wrong all the time.

Jesus, keep me near the cross
I won’ forget the love You’ve shown


Song for the week:
You led me to the cross – Matt Redman

If any of this has grabbed your interest and you want to chat about it, then you can reach me on Twitter @peterjshort, or email here I’d love to hear from you.


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