Posted by Pete Short on 11/08/2016 16:51


Wow what a fortnight.
Two weeks in Uganda with some of he best folks I know. We've been working with a charity called International Needs to help out in local schools, churches and communities. We've seen how families and villages continue to care for and support each other despite being very poor in financial terms. I've met a number of families who live in a single dark room often with at least 5 kids, and sadly often without one or both their parents. Seeing close knit families made me think lots about my own amazing fam back home.

Two weeks away from my home for the first time since Jen and I were married, and by far the longest amount of time I've spent without seeing my kids.

Homesickness came along like an uninvited chicken in my bedroom (true story),
One minute my room was poultry free and the next there was a freshly laid egg in the sock pile.
One minute I was fine, and the next all I could think about was how far away home was, and how long it would be before I got back there.

Home for me is that safe place where I always get to return to, after a long day in the office, after a few days away with work, or just after a long Sunday in church. I always love going home.

When the homesickness hit there were lots of good friends there to support and encourage me, which to a large extent they were able to do, but once I felt that longing to be back where I belong it was difficult to think of anything else.

The bible says that this is how we should think of heaven. It isn't just some 'other place' that we might get to go to one day, it is our home and it will be our final destination. We should therefore long to be there with our Heavenly Father.

We are each created as a heavenly being and as a human being. That means that although we enjoy the life we are given here on earth we will one day get to spent eternity with God.

Sometimes I feel a long way from home, and sometimes I feel very close to home. Sometimes I feel a long way from God, and sometimes I feel really close to Him... I can't wait for the day when there will be no distance at all between us.

Today I am part way through two life stories:
- I'm 25 hours into my journey home from Uganda
- I'm 29 years into my journey home with God
In both stories i can't wait to get home to the things that I love.


Heaven Song - Phil Wickham

Home - Rudimental





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