He knows my name

Posted by Pete Short on 27/08/2016 10:28

Lots of things about God don't make sense to me. Why is one brother sick while another is well? Why does one person die young while another lives to 100? Why does He speak loud and clear in some situations, but sometimes we have a big decision to make and we just can't hear His voice?

I've wrestled with these things for a while now and honestly, I'm no nearer any answers.

I think that the only question worth asking is 'do you trust God?'. The bible makes it clear that He loves us unconditionally and that He makes all things work for the good of those that love Him.

Today we are in hospital with Bethany as she has some minor surgery to remove her tonsils. While I am confident that she is in safe hands with the doctors here, the thing that fills me with more confidence is that we trust God and know she is in His safe hands.

Revelation 1 days this about John's vision of Jesus:
v16: In His right hand he held the stars
Then immediately afterwards...
v17: He places His right hand on me and said 'do not be afraid'
The right hand that held the stars in the sky is the same hand that makes His relationship with us a personal one - He knows my name!
[credit to Mike Pilivachi for that bit]

He's been holding the universe together for billions of years, do you trust Him?

Songs for the week
Shepherd song (He knows my name) - Debs Davies



Safe - Phil Wickham


With us - Hillsong


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