Our Eyes will be fixed on You

Posted by Pete Short on 17/10/2015 08:43

Our eyes will be fixed on You

It is such an enormous privilege to lead our congregation in worship each week and to stand at the front of church. From there I get to see the people of God meeting their creator. I can see those that are celebrating and those that are weeping, perhaps you may be surprised to know that it is usually pretty clear how 'alive' someone's relationship with God is by seeing how they worship.

That said, I really don't like being at the front! Having so many pairs of eyes on me is daunting, I often feel like running away, and I know that there are so many individuals in church from whom I could learn much more about worship. So it feels pretty strange to stand in front of them to show them ‘how its done’.

When we worship our eyes should be fixed on God and not on the person leading at the front. He should be at the front and centre stage in our hearts and minds, and from time to time I feel like having the band at the front of church is much help as it is a hindrance. We often pray as a band that church will see God and not us, but almost inevitably we do get in the way sometimes.

Yes it is important for the band to give a strong lead for church to follow, especially when we are learning new songs - but there are times when I wish that the band could just get out of the way.

This is all a part of the reason why we switched things around a little last Sunday evening. The band took their instruments and microphones and joined with the congregation for our time of worship.
There was something quite amazing about being properly part of the people of God. It was important for the worship team to re-remember that we are all in it together.

I know that God has called us all equally to be worshippers of Him. It's not about being able to play an instrument, to sing or otherwise, but it is absolutely about our hunger and desire to please God. So to join as ONE church to sing praise together is so important.
I'm sure it is something we will experience together again soon.

I firmly believe that when we lift our heads and open our eyes in the expectation that we will see God, He reveals Himself to us.

Our eyes will be fixed on You Lord – we are expectant.

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