Guest blog: Calling all angels to come and sing with us

Posted by Pete Short on 18/02/2017 09:00

This week we have an improvement on my usual ramblings. I have asked Amie to share some her thoughts on worship during her time working in Italy. Choosing to find time to worship despite being in difficult surroundings is really difficult but really rewarding. 

Please keep Amie in your prayers, it's hard being a Christian away from home !



I often need encouragement that God is still moving, it's stupid because I know he is, but sometimes we just need to hear about those"wow moments" to keep us going. So I'm going to share with you my most recent"wow moment", and how I interpret it.

Most of you will know, I'm away for 4 months in a ski resort. The likelihood of me finding a church or Christian friend were pretty low. But I have found a church, it may be a Catholic Church, but it still my safe place, where I can just sit and be. Thank you Jesus!

This week, whilst in the hotel doing some jobs, I realised I was on my own. Typical Amie style, I found an old worship album, The Loft Sessions, and had it belting out through the music system (hoping my boss doesn't see this and sack me, but also kinda hoping she reads this). The song Angels came on, the lyrics are: calling all angels, calling the watchmen angels on the walls, to come and sing with us. Polishing some cutlery in the restaurant, I found myself singing this over the room, suddenly there was this sense of angels flying out from the walls into the room. They were all just around the room. It was awesome, but a little odd, but very awesome! It wasn't physical white things with wings and halos like we see on TV, more like a presence. Not what I expected my first experience of angels to be; it was even more fab really.

Weirdly enough, this came after me telling a friend to pray for angels over her car (I did the same when I bought my car, and those of you who have seen me drive will now understand why I haven't crashed yet).

When I got back to my room, I decided to write down what had happened and look at the lyrics of the song. These are my notes:

"Calling all angels" when we call or sing, all the angels appear. Whether we feel it or not, angels are always guiding us but we need to be aware of them and say"hey angels I'm here" and wait for them. For me, they turned up unexpectedly but when I needed them the most, doesn't mean we shouldn't be asking for more of them though.

"Calling the watchmen angels on the walls" it's like CCTV in the corner of a room, you very rarely know it's there but it's always watching you. Angels are always there, but you rarely notice them unless you ask for them.

I love the idea of watchmen; In the KJV a watchman is known as a guard. If we think of angels as our body guards, they are there to protect us and warn us. I believe that angels also replace the space that can be controlled by a demon.

"To come and sing with us" this I think is my favourite bit. The angels sing with us, and for us, even when we cannot sing. There's been times whilst I've been out here and I've wanted to"explode" whilst listening to worship music, just break out into total and utter worship, but (regretting it now) it hasn't been socially acceptable ... Writing this I tell myself, did Jesus ever do anything socially acceptable?  Angels can do that for us. They sing and dance in heaven and on earth, even when we can't (or in my case, choose not to).

So this experience has taught me A) angels are more relevant and more present in our daily lives than I thought. B) we should probably be praying for more Angel presence wherever we go (even if we have a sex, drugs and rock & roll lifestyle). C) don't tell Pete Short about your experiences because he'll make you write them down and turn them Into a blog. D) normal ordinary people can have encounters, you've just got to want it.

I also wrote this note after and I feel like I should share it. I believe demons are a thing, they get into the roots of your heart and mind, tell you lies and make you do ungodly things. But I believe the power and presence of God and angels can conquer these demons, and do greater things. They have a reverse affect and can achieve even more.

If anyone has had any"wow moments" or Angel experiences they'd like to share, feel free to email me: or tweet me : @amiebirkett

I love being encouraged by other people's stories, hence why I'm sharing mine.

Songa of the week:

    Angels - Bethel

    Fresh outpouring - Kim Walker-Smith


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