Abba Father

Posted by Pete Short on 31/10/2015 09:00

Abba Father

Jen and I have always tried to bring our kids up to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle. I can remember a number of occasions where someone has given Bethany a present and she just won’t say ‘thank you’, and to be honest, after you’ve spent 5 minutes trying to persuade her to say ‘thanks’ it really is a bit meaningless to the person giving her the gift.
But, sometimes, at the end of a busy day at work, Bethany will run towards me when I arrive home, throw her arms around me and say ‘I love you Daddy’. Sometimes I’ll treat her to an ice-cream and as I give it to her, her face lights up as she grins and says ‘thank you Daddy’. On these occasions it feels like we might actually be doing an ok job of being parents and that’s great. More than this though, I feel proud of her. She feels comfortable enough with the relationship she has developed with me that she can happily vocalise what she thinks of me as a result.

Actually, as I think about this, I’m also aware that Bethany is more than comfortable in telling me when she is unhappy with something. ‘I don’t like peas’, and ‘I don’t want to brush my teeth’ are common complaints in our house, and ‘Daddy I’ve bumped my knee’ is a frequent occurrence.
I think that these complaints made out loud are probably a really healthy part of growing up, and of developing a relationship as a parent and child. If she never tells us when she is unhappy, hurt or sad then we are certainly getting something wrong!

This is exactly how God wants us to be with Him.

When we talk/sing/pray/shout to God and say ‘thank you Daddy’, or ‘I love you Daddy’, we put a big smile on His face. When we talk/sing/pray/shout to God and say ‘why is this happening?’ or ‘WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?’, or ‘WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING?’ then we are in such a healthy place with Him. The bible tells us that we will experience troubles and struggles[1], so it is normal for us to bring them before God.

God wants us to worship Him through the good times and the bad. Not because He is some sort of egotistical maniac, but simply because He knows that it is good for us. But even more than that, He wants us to journey through life with Him every day. To tell Him what bothers us, what we are worried about. He wants us to call Him ‘Daddy’ and to trust Him with our highs and lows, our thanks and our frustrations. ‘Abba’ is a word used in the bible to describe God, it means ‘Daddy’.

Songs for the week:
Abba Father

Father let me dedicate

[1] – John 16:33 - In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. (The Message Bible)

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