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09:00 Holy Communion St Johns Church Easter: Resurrection - Upper Room Christine Donnelly
David Banbury
David Banbury
Derek Blenkinsop
Ian Bailey
Margaret Bailey
Wendy Taylor
Denise Prescott
Natalie Redding
Olwen Huyton
Pat Marshall
Diane Green
Denise Prescott
Liz Hale
Peter Dorling
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11:00 Contemporary Worship St Johns Church Easter: Resurrection - Upper Room Elliott Ireton
David Banbury
Linda Aspinall
Malcolm McConechy
Jackie Whitehead
Liz Hawksby
Chris Whitehead
Caroline McCaul
John McCall
Barry Farrington
Barbi Webber
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18:30 Evening Prayer Crabtree Elliott Ireton
Elliott Ireton
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19:00 Evening Worship St Johns Church : Our Journeys in Life Joanna Marshall
Pete Short
Marcus France
Phil Marshall

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