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09:00 Holy Communion St Johns Church Bounding Through Mark: Following Jesus D Benge
David PHILIP Marshall
D Benge
Martin Lewis
Pat Marshall
Val Harris
Wendy Taylor
Natalie Redding
Sue Murphy
Sylvia Birch
Tim Jackson
Christine Frith
Sylvia Birch
Danny Abraham
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11:00 Contemporary Worship St Johns Church Bounding Through Mark: Following Jesus Joanna Marshall
David PHILIP Marshall
Mark Aspinall
Jenny Haffenden
Andrew Caunce
Brian Donnelly
David Orritt
Kath Hands
Barry Littler
John McCall
Jennifer Walker
Paul Dolan
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18:30 Evening Prayer Crabtree Christine Donnelly
Wendy Williams

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19:00 Evening Worship St Johns Church : Living ethically and sustainably Mike Downey
Martin Webber
Barbi Webber
Paul Haffenden

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