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This is the Prayer Letter for May 2016. Please use this list to target praying in your group over the next month. The prayer requests focus on quality rather than quantity.

Pentecost Prayer Vigil

Please pray for the Pentecost prayer vigil we are holding from 6 pm on Friday 13th May to 6 pm on Saturday 14th May. Pray that enough people will sign up for a half hour slot, to cover the whole 24 period in prayer (especially the night time slots). Pray that the church will not experience any problems, particularly during the night, and that all will go well. Pray that God will speak into your heart as to which slot you should sign up for. Finally, pray that God will hear and act on our prayers for the re-evangelisation of our nation.

The new PCC

Please pray for our PCC as they begin a new "PCC year". Pray especially for the four new members of PCC: Pete Dawson, Mike Downey, Ros Haines and Jan Richards, that any nerves will be soothed and that they might enjoy serving on PCC. Please pray that God will give to the PCC His vision for St John's, that they might tackle the issues facing the parish, and that they will work together for God's glory.

Disability Audit

In May the PCC will be considering a Disability Awareness Audit that the diocese has conducted. Please pray for the Spirit to give PCC insight into which parts of the Audit they should implement, and how they should go about it.

Christian Aid Week

This is from 15th to 21st May, following the week of prayer above (the timing could not be better!). Please pray for Diane Edwards who is organising it and those who will be delivering and collecting Christian Aid envelopes. Pray also that those receiving the envelopes would be moved to support those in need.

Shoppers' Service

This service attracts people from outside Burscough as well as local people. The love and fellowship in this service is very uplifting for all who attend it. Please give thanks to God for those involved and for the special work He is doing in this service, and pray that it might continue to grow as members speak to their friends about the love of Jesus.

Annual Meetings

Those present on 26th April were conscious of a how a meeting can be held with a united spirit. Those applying for membership of the PCC; Peter Dorling, our Treasurer; Christine and Joanna, our youth and children's leaders; Jeannie, our pastoral co-coordinator; and Ian our curate all spoke of the work they do. What stood out was the amazingly different gifts that people have and how they have been used in the last year. Praise God for this, and for all who perform any kind of ministry at St. John's.


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