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Jubilee Float

On Sunday 3rd June, St John’s had a float in the Burscough Jubilee Parade. Our theme was the 1970s and our float was wonderfully decorated by a team led by Katie Whitehead and Sandra McCall. Despite the awful weather you can see that we had a good time!

Christmas 2011

All Age Nativity

On Sunday 4th December we had our All Age Nativity Service titled "Nativity Revisited"
© Jo Rutherford Photography © Jo Rutherford Photography

Children's Groups

Fantastic February Fun Morning

Over 50 children and lots of helpers enjoyed our ‘Winter Wonderland’ fun morning on Tuesday 14th February. We made bird feeders for the birds in winter and peppermint creams for the people! To make up for no snow this year, we threw paper snowballs at paper snowmen and also smashed blocks of ice to find out what was inside them. There were silly games like the chocolate game and joke bingo! Christine reminded us that we are all unique like snowflakes and God loves each one of us. Afterwards lots of people stayed for a delicious lunch of pasta and homemade cakes and biscuits.

Autumn Fun Morning

On Wednesday 26 October, nearly 50 children came along to our Autumn Fun Morning. Lots of helpers came too and we all had great fun – we made puppets, clay models and calendars, hunted for wellies, tried to eat doughnuts off a string and stuck our faces in flour to get sweets! The puppets were there and we danced along to their funky songs. After the activities many mums, dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters joined us for lunch and we enjoyed hot dogs and yummy cakes. Look out for more fun days in 2012!

Burscough Beach Fun Day

On Wednesday 27 July nearly seventy children attended the St John’s Beach Fun Day at the church hall. The sun shone and we enjoyed building sandcastles, beach races, playing the ‘pack a suitcase game’ as well as decorating biscuits (and of course eating them!) and filling bottles with coloured sand. We also played beach bingo and had great fun meeting the puppets, once we had managed to wake them up! Everyone had a great time – adults too!

Easter Eggstravaganza

On a sunny day just before Easter, 75 children attended our ‘Easter Eggstravaganza’ and enjoyed egg bowling, an egg hunt, egg races, decorating egg cups and Easter bingo, among other activities (good job everyone seemed to like eggs!) We also heard about the Easter story from some rather shy puppets, although we managed to persuade them to get singing and dancing eventually. Delicious biscuits were decorated and eaten and everyone went home with goodie bags full of chocolate!


Pearl of Africa Children's Choir

On Tuesday 6th October 2011 the internationally acclaimed Pearl of Africa Children's Choir is touring the UK this autumn to raise much needed funds to improve the health, education and welfare of people suffering through disease, war and poverty in Uganda.

some Christmas events

Here's a selection of some of our Christmas events
All Age Nativity All Age Nativity Carol Singing Carol Singing Christingle Christingle All Age Nativity Carol Singing Carol Singing Christingle


425 people filled the church for a magical and surprising Christingle on 12th December. Richard asked, Why will the Wise Men (Jezza, Hamster & May of TV’s Top Gear) follow the light of the star to Bethlehem on Boxing Day this year? Stig’s brother, Wiggy, who had been left behind and who was desperately trying to catch up, suddenly arrived in church on his motorbike to also ask why? Christine answered the questions using the Christingle before everyone joined in a medley of carols, lit their lights and sang our version of "Shine" by Take That! & "Shine, Jesus Shine". As one family remarked as they left , "the magic of Christingle touched everyone! Christ is the light of the world."
Christingle Christingle Christingle Christingle Christingle Christingle Christingle Christingle

Carol Singing

On Wednesday 8th December we went Carol Singing on Manor Avenue, Heath Fields, the Church gates, then in the Hop Vine.
Carol Singing - Manor Avenue Carol Singing - Heath Fields Carol Singing - Heath Fields Carol Singing - Church gates Carol Singing - Church gates Carol Singing Carol Singing Carol Singing Carol Singing Carol Singing Carol Singing

All Age Nativity Service - 5th December 2010

Over 300 people gathered for the Nativity service on 5th December – the majority dressed as a nativity character. Beards, angel wings, shepherds crooks, amazing costumes and lots of smiles, laughs and great singing filled the church. A sketch and dance by All Stars introduced the service which blended carols and readings as the Nativity story was creatively and faithfully re-told. A wonderful nativity tableau emerged during this fun service and Ian concluded with talking about who is the star that we admire and follow? The service was part of our advent teaching series "Follow the Star."
All Age Nativity All Age Nativity All Age Nativity All Age Nativity All Age Nativity All Age Nativity All Age Nativity All Age Nativity


Fella-ship Camping Weekend

Fella-ship Pike of Blisco walk

On Saturday 14th May 2011, 9 of us went for a 10mile walk in the Lake District where we walked up the Pike of Blisco and Crinkle Crags in the Langdales.

Go-Karting - February 2011

On Friday 25th February the fella-ship group went go-karting followed by a few pints in the Hop Vine in Burscough.

Fella-ship - November 2010

On the 26th November 19 lads met for a night of games, beer and curry!
Lad's Night - Dan preparing the curry Lad's Night Lad's Night - Mike & Pete on the xbox Lad's Night Lad's Night - Mario Kart gets intense Lad's Night Lad's Night - Rob & Mal play table tennis Lad's Night Lad's Night Lad's Night Lad's Night