Sunday 10th May 2020 - The importance of remembering

Order of Service

Worship song: He has risen - Noel Richards


Bible Reading

Luke 22:14-23

Exploring together All Age Activities: 

Take a few minutes to assemble something, it could be a children’s jigsaw, a model using a construction kit (lego etc.) or food mixer/processor, vacuum with attachments etc.  While you assemble your object consider the following questions

Discussion question:

  • Think of 2 or 3 significant events in your life
  • What did you learn?
  • How did it affect your relationship with God?

Worship Song: Faithfulness

All Age Song

Wide and Long and High and Deep (Kerry and Ciara)


The importance of Remembering

Sharing Time


Worship Song: Jesus Christ I think upon your Sacrifice.

Worship Song: The Cross Stands above it all