Missionary Links

Ed And Marie BriceEd and Marie Brice,
St John’s link missionaries based in Paraguay

Ed and Marie, who are supported by the Church Mission Society (CMS), serve with the Anglican Diocese of Paraguay. They train and mentor ordained and lay indigenous leaders, and also pastor the San Mateo congregation at Rio Verde in the Chaco.  Ed is supervising a programme of translation of Bible teaching materials and other literature designed to help Christian Education in the communities.    Marie uses her artistic skills to produce materials designed to help children come to a knowledge of Jesus, and runs literacy classes for indigenous women.

In response to God’s call while studying microbiology in the UK, Ed first went to Paraguay in 1975 on a short term placement, set up a laboratory and trained a technician for a rural health clinic serving the Chaco population. During this time God gave him a deeper concern for the plight of the Indian people and he was invited to participate in a new land settlement programme that the Anglican Church was starting. After further training in Community Health and Linguistics he returned to Paraguay for a second term and it was then that he met Marie, an Argentine Christian, whose desire to serve Christ led her to accept the invitation to help in the primary school run for Indian children by the church. They were married in 1983 and have three sons. Over the years Ed and Marie have worked in different roles within the church but in 1996 they left Paraguay as they were unsure of what the future held. Ed studied for an MA in Mission Studies in the UK and after a time of seeking God and an invitation to move back to Paraguay, they returned as SAMS mission partners. They were involved in pastoral work within the capital but kept their links with the Chaco people.

In 2006 Marie produced and illustrated a children’s book for the Bible Society and is currently working on another project for them. In 2007 Ed was ordained and has special responsibility in the Chaco and mostly works among the indigenous people.

Ed has strong connections with Burscough having lived here for a number of years as a child while his father was minister at an independent church in Ormskirk.  He worked in Paraguay with Philip Miller a former Vicar at St John’s.   Those members of St John’s who have taken part in Mission Paraguay visits have worked with Ed and Marie on many occasions.   We have seen their gentle ministry amongst some of the most marginalised people of South America and benefitted from Ed’s wealth of knowledge upon the history of the mission work in the Chaco and of the life and customs particularly of the Enxet Indian people.