Services & other Harvest Celebrations

Sunday 7th October

17:30 Harvest Cream Tea at St Andrew's Crabtree 
18:30 Harvest Celebration Service including celebrating the work of the Mission to Seafaraers. St Andrew's Crabtree 

Friday 12th October

& 14:30
School Harvest Celebrations in St John's Church 
19:30 Harvest Barn Dance at the Stanley Club.  Tickers are available from the Parish Office

Sunday 14th October

10:00  Joint Harvest Celebration Service 

Harvest Giving

Harvest is a time to give thanks to God for his goodness, to celebrate the wonders of creation, to praise the Lord for his provision and also to remember those in need.

In remembering those less fortunate than ourselves we will be inviting parishioners to consider making a gift to our harvest appeal.

Gifts of non-peroshable food (tinned and dried produce) are very welcome and we will be donating these to local foodbanks. We will also be collecting gifts of money to support the work of the Pearl of Africa Choir and the ministries associated with the Molly and Paul Foundation.

It would be wonderful if people in St John's parish could be as generous as possible and help make a huge difference to the children in care of the Molly and Paul Foundation (Pearl of Africa Child Care).

Cheques towards the Harvest appeal should be made to St John's PCC.

Please put cheques or cash in an envelope marked Harvest Appeal.

If you are a Tax Payer, please use a Gift Aid envelope from the pews in Church, fill in the information required on the front and mark it Harvest Appeal.

Pearl of Africa

Pearl of Africa Child Care supports the Molly and Paul Foundation - a registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO) in Uganda that runs six schools including a farm school, nine children's homes and a medical clinic.  The charity believes that every child should have access to education, shelter, food, clean water and health care. One of the well-known parts of the charities work is the 'Pearl of Africa Choir' which seeks ro highlight the amazing work done by the Molly and Paul Foundation through its annual national tour of venues across the UK.

St John's has hosted the Pearl of Africa Choir in previous years and our church and schools have greatly enjoyed their visits.  The choir sing, dance and share an infectious enthusiasm coupled with a wonderful faith in Jesus. Sadly, in 2018 the choir wasn't able to make its normal visit to the UK and this has had a significant effect on fundraising for the Molly and Paul Foundation.

We hope members of St John's parish will give generously to the harvest appeal, as your gifts will make a significant difference to children and young people living in poverty in Uganda.

What your gifts could buy

£1 Buys basic stationary equipment for a child studying in one of the foundations schools
£3 Will provide a blanket for the hostels
£5 Will help provide footwear for on of the orphans
£10 Will provide textbooks for the school
£25 Will provide food for a week for one of the foundations orphanages
£50 Provides half the monthly salary for a qualified nurse in the medical centre
£100 Will provide roofing materials to improve the inadequate toilet facilities at one of the schools
£250 Will help provide pipework to help provide running fresh water at the foundation medical facility
£1000 Will cover the annual cost of accommodation, tuition and fees for a student at universary
£1 Beans x 2kg
£1 Maize flour x 2kg
£1 Rice x 1kg
£1 Salt x 12 packets
£1 Sugar x 12 packets
£1 Plastic cups x4
£1 Plastic plates x 3
£1 China plate x 1
£1 Salt x 12 packets
£1 Laundry soap x 1 bar
£1 Medium sausepan x1
£1 Pencils x 24
£1 Pens x 12
£1 Rice x 1kg
£1 1ft ruler x 3
£1 Painting brush
£2 Black boooks (200 pages)
£2 Art books (50 pages)
£2 Geometry set x 1
£2 Chalk x 1 box
£2 Felt pens x 1 packet
£3 Exercise books x 12
£3 Art brush x 1 set
£4 Paper (1 ream)
£5 Text books x 1
£16 Paint x 1.5ltr tin
Gardening & Tools
£1 Panga x 1
£1 Slasher x 1
£2 Hoe x 1
£2 Fence trimmer x 1 pair
£2 Bucket x 1
£2 Basin x 1
£3 Shovel x 1
£4 Watering can x 1
£4 Metallic rake x 1
£20 Wheel barrow x 1
£20 Seeds x 1 big tin
£1 Bricks (clay) x 30
£7 Cement x 1 bag
£7 All years iron sheet x 1
£20 Metallic windows x 1
£29 Sand x 1 trip
£30 Metallic door x 1
£33 Stones x 1 trip
Classroom Furniture
£10 Chair x 1
£15 Teacher's desk x 1
£18 Student desk x 1
£30 Drawers x 1 set
Student Requirements
£2 Mosquito net x 1
£4 Bed sheets x 1
£6 Blanket x 1
£10 Shoes x 1 pair
£18 Mattress x 1 (4x6ft)
£22 School Uniform Set
£20 per term Tuition (day scholar)
£100 per term Tuition (boarder)
£40 annually National Certificate of Education Registration
£300 per month School medical requirements
£1000 per year University Tutition (hostels, fees and upkeep)
Salaries Sponsorship
£50 per month Support Staff
£75 per month Part-time teacher
£75 per month Assistant nurse
£100 per month Permanent teacher
£100 per month Qualified nurse
£150 per month Clinic head