Good News Stories

On Monday 9am, all of us where I work received a message from a colleague asking if any of us would like to donate UHT milk to the Skelmersdale food bank as supplies were desperately short. By 5.15pm there were 48 cartons donated. It was a good show of generosity and kindness.


Have you tried holding a choir practice through Zoom? My previous Church tried this and found the results were hysterical due to everyone having slightly different internet speeds. Anyway, they have decided to continue the meetings but to chat instead.

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I decided to turn my daily walk into a prayer walk this morning, passing schools, farms and even the Curates house!!


I have found the music of Don Francisco to be an inspiration, particularly thinking about the Easter period. You may like to consider for yourself the lyrics of “Too Small a Price” & “He’s Alive” by using the following  link


HOPE . . .

 Close two hundred years the worshippers' feet have trod the path from church gate to the door,

Then entered in to pray, read, sing - each Sunday as before.

There came a scourge - Covid 19 - so now church doors are shut;

We can no longer gather here to pray, read, sing, yet . . .but . .


By using new technology St. John's can beat the bug

By opening our computers, laptops, phones while at home on the rug,

And clicking on church website, it's very plain to see

That St John's Church is carrying on with services for you and me.


And in a little while, hopefully, hopefully I say, hopefully when Covid's beat

We'll still be here to pray, read, sing praises to the King,

And once more that path from gate to door with worshippers' feet

will ring.

 Who knows how others will react to what we've all been through?

Perhaps their feet will join with ours along that path from gate to door

And enter in to pray, read, sing; rejoice for evermore.



A friend of mine invited Jesus into his life, as rescuer, Lord and friend


-a friend of mine, who I’ve known since primary school invited Jesus into his life on Saturday 11th April 2020;

-he was one of my 5 a day folks that I have been blessing (inconsistently I confess). I learned about 5s and blessing and Ffald-y-brenin / local house of prayer network after Helen Jones (now in Kirkheaton), when prompted, passed me a copy of The Grace Outpouring, and Rev. Mike Hindley has helped in encouraging me and many others since;

-I had the privilege of speaking to my friend about the Lord (not the first time) and he said at this time he was happy and ready to invite Jesus into his life to be his saviour and Lord.

-the Holy Spirit gave me two bible verses to encourage him:

-a) My God shall supply all your needs according to the glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19)

-b) You were once in darkness, walk as a child of light (Eph 5:8) not a verse that was in my memory bank

-it is worth pointing out that on Christmas Eve 2019 my friend was facing homelessness and was living in an undesirable property in Tuebrook, in a desperate situation. The Lord led me to his house when I wasn’t aware of his address when I set off – but that is another miracle/story.

-another point worth noting is that when visiting my friend six months ago, I asked the Lord for a bible verse and he gave me Ephesians 6:12, I parked up before visiting him and read “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” This was a great encouragement to me, as I know that Jesus can / has overcome such forces.

 2) The same friend experienced a miraculous healing

-this friend had a shortness of breath the day before (Friday 10th April), a chap who we all know and love called Tom – who has been great at looking out for my friend, and praying for him, for several years, carried out a detailed assessment over the phone, and was convinced he was showing most of the signs of the covid-19 disease;

-Tom and I chatted on the phone that night, and prayed short prayers together on the phone, for my friend.

-When I called my friend on Saturday 11th, before he invited Jesus into his life, he said he had had the best night’s sleep, 7 ½ hours, the most he’d had for a long time, and woke up free of any symptoms/shortness of breath.

-When I spoke to Tom, he said he’d called my friend and discovered this too, and that it was a miracle - that he’d gone from showing symptoms and had shortness of breath, to totally clear of symptoms!

 3) The Lord has blessed him

-Since Christmas eve, the Lord has blessed my friend with temporary accommodation, and now permanent accommodation in Skelmersdale, near St Pauls Church

-Lawrence Smye-Rumsby has helped my friend with food – via the foodbank, friendship, encouragement and guidance.

-He’s moved from darkness to light

-The Lord is supplying his needs

-He said to me that he would be ‘happy to spend about 20 hrs per week in his area, telling people what Jesus has done for him, and helping others.’ Come on, Yes Lord!!!! 😊

 Please do PRAY for my friend for protection, growth in the Lord, wisdom, a continuous filling of the Holy Spirit, that he is baptised in water (he wants to do this with his ex-girlfriend and daughter), for joy and good health, for chains of the past to be broken, for repaired relationships, for salvation for his family, for all that God has in store for him, for Shalom, for him to love the Lord with all his heart, mind and strength. 

I wanted to share this to glorify God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to encourage others to believe/pray for others/share the good news (that God is near etc.), to encourage us in telling what HE has done (Psalm 105), to celebrate the Lord!!

We celebrate, because what he has done, but also what he is doing and I hope this of encouragement to you, as it is to me.

 God bless you and may you walk in the fulness of Him who is the same yesterday, today and forever! Hallelujah!  

In his love, Chris.

I have a little story – it does have a sad ending, but it does illustrate how God is still with us and working in us.

After engaging with the service on Palm Sunday, I had logged onto both St John’s and St Marks, I felt prompted to send a facebook message to a Christian work colleague who I had not seen or heard from for about 2 years.  She responded straight away to say that my message was God sent as she had felt very alone, and that she was sat with her father who was very ill in a nursing home and that he was very unsettled.  The housegroup I am in and St Mark’s prayer group prayed for her and her, later that day she said that he had become settled. 

He did have to go into hospital with a chest infection and was put on a ward where others had COVD-19.  He did pass away but from since we had supported her with prayers her father was settled and passed peacefully.  We are still in touch as she is in self isolation, but for me, God prompted me to support her in her time of need.


I have found an even greater appreciation of little things during lockdown - the birds in the garden, a card in the post, the new leaves unfurling on the trees, seeing church family on Zoom, waving through windows on the daily walk, rainbows drawn by children, food in the fridge etc etc It is a pleasure to see people working for the common good and people appreciating those whose jobs REALLY are important.


Thanking God for the safe arrival this week of Eddie, our third great grandchild.

Margaret and Martin

Best possible news: my son Ian has been released from hospital this evening (Friday) to recuperate at home, after seven days fighting coronavirus. Many thanks to everyone for past and continuing prayers, messages and enquiries. God bless you all.


My friend's daughter, Helen, is recovering well, at home, from coronavirus. She's an administrator at Clatterbridge hospital. Her mum, my friend Judith, is now out of quarantine on English soil after being confined to cabin on a cruise ship for 19 days. 


This morning Stephen and I were reading Matthew 13 53-58 which finishes by saying that"He could not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.”  We were praying that our faith, and that of all of us at St John's, would increase and we would see many miracles, and we asked for a small one for today.  Stephen needed some data from the Diocese to help David with the Deanery plan and had sent an email to the general resources contact with little expectation of an early answer.  I knew someone in Diocese and asked if she could expedite a response at all.  The miracle is that the emails to resources are being shared out amongst various people and today was her turn to answer them.  She has already responded to Stephen and says she should be able to get him the data by the end of the day.  

Thank you Almighty, caring God, that you answer our prayers so specifically.


An Invitation to Today 

Dear Jan,

I really would be extremely happy for you to experience and enjoy today. It's a new day.  One you have never experienced before.  It will start with light and birdsong, then the sun will rise, and the day will begin.  It will be a dry day and cloudy, not hot, not cold but in between.  You will be well. You have friends and family who you can talk to if you want.

There will be a choice of things for you to enjoy.  A walk down the lane looking for wildlife and searching out new plants and flowers emerging as spring is sprung.  There may be people to smile and say hello to. You will have food and drink aplenty and the ability to create a nice meal for yourself.  You have several rooms to enjoy your day in.  You can choose between titivating your house to enjoy lovely space just for you, playing in your sewing room, making whatever your fancy desires. There's plenty of radio and TV to entertain you and always puzzles to solve.  Yes, sudoku or checking your bank statement, sorting out paperwork or rearranging cupboards, devising menus rearranging your living space. So much to enjoy. 

But I was forgetting... the best bit, the bit that makes it all worthwhile is that you have a friend and saviour who wants to be with you. He doesn't want anything from you but love.  He loves you and wants to share your choices and your experience of today.  He has made all this possible and wants to be invited to join you in how you accept this invitation.  He will be with you and loves you.  So, don't forget Him in this wonderful invitation to today. Sing, dance, smile, play, enjoy and live.  It's a special invitation to you.  Don't turn it down please.  Accept it with all its generosity and possibilities. Set aside the lies and lethargy and accept this wonderful invitation to today.  Live it, love it and be fulfilled and content with Jesus, your friend.

If we let Him, God will break through the fog of our emotions.  I feared writing for many years because I didn't want people to read it.  Now I recommend it.  Don't think too much about it just write as it comes.  It helps, and occasionally something special happens.


We walked across the fields whilst it was still quiet and stopped and listened to a fabulous bird song. We eventually saw, way above us, a very tuneful skylark. What a marvellous gift is that?

We haven't seen or heard these lovely birds in that field since the children were small.

Just a big reminder that the seasons continue, and our beautiful earth is still there for us to respect and enjoy.


Sandra and John 

This week I went on a free webinar run by a law firm I sometimes work with. The author of the attached handout gave me permission to share it. They were talking about managing thoughts and feelings in this difficult time and I really noticed the question in the attached about what you’re grateful for and expressing gratitude for 3 things. And I thought as Christians we do this too, but we are giving thanks to a personal God who is listening. And I have been listening to the song on Spotify called Waymaker (probably on YouTube too). Even when we think we can’t find a way to get through this, he is the Waymaker, and even when we can’t see him, he is working, and he is always worth praising.

I wondered if the attached might be helpful to anyone suffering from anxiety. 

God Bless


On 11th May our first granddaughter, Ruby May was born to our son, Daniel and his wife, Sophie. Praise God all is well despite giving birth during this difficult time.


As a physiotherapist my instant reaction to the crisis was that I must do something to help, however I no longer work directly in healthcare and I still have to fulfil my role as a university lecturer, providing learning and supporting post-graduate students- all of whom are Frontline NHS staff.

I contacted by last NHS employer, for who I still work on an honorary basis, but fortunately they had enough staff to cover all of the requirements in the hospital and therefore did not need me to help.

I felt rather frustrated and prayed for some guidance as to how I could help. The next day I received an email via the university, asking for volunteers with specific research skills to help with a Covid-19 research project. Amazingly the skills required were all on my CV, so I volunteered!

It's taken a few weeks to get going, but over the next few weeks I will be joining a team of researchers to carry out a research study in the Liverpool community, investigating the transmission of the disease within households and immune responses in individuals. This work will help to understand the progression and transmission of the disease and the human response, and hopefully help to inform management in the community and perhaps even development of vaccinations and treatments.

So, I am thankful to God for answering my prayers and giving me the opportunity to help in a meaningful way!

Best Wishes


I have a good news story which is that I have finished the rest of my university assessments and final year exams in lockdown and so have finished my degree.

Lucy xx

The Kingdom of God is near, let us tell people of the love of God

A lady I prayed for 10 days ago, in Jesus’ name, who had chemo last year and left with sore hands and ankles, reported yesterday that since being prayed for, when she gets out of bed now in the morning she is pain free in her feet and ankles, and she can't believe it

 As a result of this, with God’s help and grace, I was able to tell more about the Lord and His Kingdom. She says she used to believe, and I hope now she reconnects with Jesus.

Please pray for this lady that she reconnects with the Lord.

Jesus paid the price so this could happen. The Lord is near, real, loving, powerful, great!!

Psalm 103

Ephesians 3 v20-21

God bless