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Technical Team (Engineer)

To investigate any technical issues that arise and take action to address these so that a service can continue with as little disruption as possible.

Responsible To: Technical Coordinator (Phil Marshall)
Time Committment: Approx. once a month, on a rota
As part of this role a volunteer would have the following responsibilities:
  • Attempt to solve, or provide a 'work around solution' for any technical issues that arise with the PA or Projection systems of the Church, in a manner that will cause as least disruption to a service as possible
  • Record any issues/experiences along with any changes made and any additional work required to return the systems to full, permanent operation
  • Discuss with the other Technical Engineers any improvements that can be made to the systems to either enhance worship or overcome issues experienced
  • Identify any training that needs to be provided to individuals

A volunteer in this role would require some or all of the following attributes:
  • Good Audio-Visual technical knowledge and experience
  • Good technical and communication skills
  • Ability to work calmly and quickly when issues arise
  • Able to use own initiative in order to solve problems
  • Able to work as part of a team

In order for someone to be able to perform this role the following training and support will be given:
  • Initial training will be given by the Technical Coordinator regarding how the current systems are set up, along with full documentation
  • Training and support will be provided on any new equipment that is installed
  • Ongoing support will be provided by the Technical Coordinator

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