What are Housegroups?

HousegroupsHousegroups are one of the best ways of getting involved in church life ... a great way of getting to know others better, growing in Christian understanding and helping us to reach our full potential as a Christian. As we talk, listen, worship, care and pray for each other and with each other (and socialise together), relationships are forged that help to deepen and develop the foundations of the church as a whole. What’s more they are fun !

Housegroups meet in and around Burscough on a weekly or fortnightly basis. The meetings are hosted in people’s homes and a typical group will have 8-10 regular attendees.  In a relaxed environment, groups follow relevant programmes of study and discussion which are biblical (books or themes) and application-oriented (issues of Christian living). Housegroup studies are linked to the sermon programme.  The aim of the discussion is to help us to grow in our spiritual understanding by applying faith to daily life.

Housegroups provide excellent support in times of need, change, crisis or stress. They are a group of people that you can share and pray with and grow with as followers of Jesus. 

Currently, there 18 groups who meet regularly. Most have a variety of age groups, a gender mix and include people at various stages of their walk with Christ. Some are long-standing, others recently formed as a result of an Alpha course. Evening groups are the norm (there are groups meeting Monday-Thursday), but there are some day-time groups as well.

Our vision is to develop as a church of housegroups, with high participation levels, deepening discipleship and close community.

Getting Involved

If you’d like to find out more, please contact David Banbury by email or telephone 01704 891640. 

We’d be pleased to get together and help you find the right small group for you.