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Posted by Fellaship on 07/04/2014 18:17


Mark and Duncan Aspinall are thinking of doing either the National Three Peaks or the Yorkshire Three Peaks as a sponsored event for outreach this year, and they wondered if any Fellaship members would be interested in joining them? They haven’t yet decided on a date, but whichever challenge they decide to do, they will sort out the logistics of getting lads there.

They will be raising money for Belarus, but they have stressed that each fella will decide which particular outreach project at church he wishes to raise money for. (For example, Ian Jones has said that if his diary permits him to do the challenge, he will be raising money for Firm Roots Cancer Support.)

Anyway, please could you think about whether, in principle and diary-permitting, you would be interested in joining Mark and Duncan on this challenge, and let me know accordingly? I will then get back to you, as soon as I know the date.

Many thanks,

Al, Chris, Daniel, Ian, Mike, Phil and Phil 


Glen Bemment said:
April 19th, 2014 at 11:24 pm
Dear Fellas of Fella-ship. This sounds like a great idea to spend some time together, exercise the mind (and body) and raise some money for Belarus. I would be very interested in joining / supporting the event subject to diary availability. Happy Easter all. Glenn

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