David's Update from 30th March:

As we continue to adapt to the current circumstances result from the Coronavirus pandemic we thought it would be a good idea to update you on what we have been able to set up in the last ten days and about some new developments that are coming along soon. 

Church Chat

This is our support network for those who are self-isolating or who would value some additional support.

To use this service, volunteer or for more information contact-

Jeannie Holman:        

Email: jeannie.holman@stjohns-burscough.org        Phone: 01704 892183

Details about Church Chat can be found at www.stjohns-burscough.org/ChurchChat/


Church Calling Plan

We have put in place a plan for ringing the whole congregation registered on Church Suite every fortnight.  For more information, see Church Update #4 or contact-

Revd Canon David Banbury:

Email: david.banbury@stjohns-burscough.org           Phone 01704 891640


Online Worship

We have set up a weekly offering of worship via the website



Virtual Youth Work

All our youth work is now being down online and through social media - including youth groups being done through zoom.  For more information-

Email: joanna.marshall@stjohns-burscough.org


Families Worship Facebook resources

A new Facebook group has been set up to help families and children connect with Jesus.  Contact Elliott for more information-

Revd Elliott Ireton

Email elliott.ireton@stjohns-burscough.org              Phone 07460 982621


Food Bank

All our Foodbank volunteers are now authorised to do their work with appropriate travel permissions in place.


Online Staff Meetings

We have set up video conferencing tools so that the staff team can keep in contact while working remotely.


Magazine Distribution

All the April magazine have been sent out for distribution to people’s homes.


Postal Communication

Recognising that not everyone is able to access information online we have developed a plan for postal communication with church members.


Church Updates

We have produced four Church Update bulletins including updates about new staff including a new Curate and a new Pastoral Ministry and Social Action Coordinator

Wow… not bad for a week’s work!


Up Next:

Online Bible Study

We are planning on running an Online Bible Study using Zoom this week on 1st April at 7.30pm and no that’s not an April Fools’ joke it really will happen!  The zoom ID number for the meeting is 976 878 2185


Live Stream Worship

We are organising our first trial of a live streamed worship this week.  If it’s free from technical hitches, we will make this musical feast accessible to everyone!


Serve the Community

Postcard: A number of people are already doing this but why not put a postcard through the letterbox of people in your area (perhaps ten doors either side offering help) A downloadable version of the postcard is available below



NHS Volunteer

Could you become part of the recently launched NHS volunteer scheme details. 

The volunteer application form is here

Let’s continue to pray for our nation and the rest of the world as we live through this pandemic. We have been encouraged to stop and pray at 12.00noon and at 7.00pm but of course we can pray at other times too!

With Love and prayers


Our verse for 2020: Love one another as I have loved you - John 13:34