David's Update from 31st July:

Dear Friends

Last week I mentioned my programme of running to help keep fit and also lose weight.  Dave Emmett (our Pastoral Ministry coordinator) and his wife Philippa Emmett are relative newcomers to the world of jogging, but they have come up with an inspired idea to turn our plodding into power!  We are each going to run approximately 9 miles and add together our running totals to complete a combined marathon (26.2miles).   

That’s the plodding - what about the power?  Through sponsorship we hope to raise enough money to supply electrical power to a medical centre in a remote region of the Congo.  Both Philippa and Dave served for many years as mission partners in the Congo and they are keen to raise funds to provide an electricity generator to support the efforts of a Congolese Doctor, who is currently working in a medical centre with very basic equipment.

You will find more details about this initiative in the article by Dave below.  We would be very grateful for any support you can offer as we seek to turn ‘Plodding into Power’.

With love and prayers


Electricity for a Congo Hospital

Philippa and I spent most of the 1980s in a remote village in the middle of DR Congo. The only medical care available was given through a small maternity ward with a midwife and a nursing team that served over 40,000 people in the area. There was no doctor. I would frequently be woken up at night asked to do an ambulance service to the nearest hospital, 90 miles away, about four hours driving over rough dirt roads. Only one woman giving birth and her baby died on the journey, the rest amazingly made it to the “local” hospital. 

In the last few years we were so pleased to hear of a Congolese doctor, Beston, a former pupil at the school where we both taught, pass all his exams to become the only doctor in the area.  We recently heard from him that the only generator the hospital has had broken down. Lifesaving equipment such as the ultrasound, and the electric ventilators can no longer be used. The hospital is currently using manual ventilators for those patients needing ventilation.

To raise the money, we are planning something neither of us have never done before, a marathon run. (Philippa could not run 5k before lockdown!) We aim to raise £1,000 for a new generator and possibly other equipment for this hospital.  Ok, time to confess, we’re talking a cumulative marathon and we have enlisted some very special help, David Banbury (and possibly some others)!   Together, we will run the marathon later this month! 

Please do consider sponsoring us by going to:  https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/dave-emmett

Many thanks, Dave Emmett 

Church is Open for Worship - Sundays and Tuesdays throughout July and August 

In light of the new regulations requiring people to wear a face covering in enclosed spaces, we are actively encouraging people who are attending worship in our Church buildings to wear some form of face cover (mask or scarf).  Those running the service will be unmasked when they lead worship (as it helps with audibility and they are well over 2 metres away) but otherwise service leaders/clergy will comply with this requirement. 

We have now had a few Sundays to get used to conducting worship in Church which complies with the current requirements for sanitising and social distancing.  We are confident of our ability to run worship services under the current guidelines and those who have been attending have expressed their appreciation of the worship we have been offering. 

We would like to encourage others who may have been hesitant about coming back into church, to come along and try out the services that we are offering.  In order to comply with track and trace requirements, we do need people to book in to the services in advance (details below).  We have very limited provision for people who turn up on the day and fill in a form for track and trace purposes, and so our very strong preference is for people to pre-book as this is a much simpler and lower risk process to administer.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this.


  • 9:00am Morning Prayer – at St Johns (Max 45 people)
  • 6:30pm Evening Prayer with BCP – at Crabtree (Max 20 people)



  • 10:30am Tuesday Service – at St Johns (Max 45 people)

Continued Online Sunday Worship

As many will still be unable to come and worship in our buildings, we will of course continue to offer Online Worship via YouTube and this will premiere each Sunday morning at 11.00am.  Our YouTube channel is youtube.com/SJBBurscough.

We recognise that the news that we are now able to worship in church will delight some people and cause anxiety to others.  We fully respect people making their own decision about how they will engage in worship and recognise that some people will choose to attend a service in church, while others will continue to access online worship.


For attending church services in our buildings, please sign up IN ADVANCE, EACH WEEK, for EACH SERVICE that you wish to attend, including Crabtree. 

Although this may seem inconvenient and even unnecessary to some, it is vitally important, so that we can do our best to protect each other by following Government Track and Trace guidelines. 

Sign Up Procedure for Attending Church Services

As attendance at St John’s is limited, we will be asking people to SIGN UP in order to attend these services and to start we would like to give priority to those who have not been able to access worship online. 

  • IF YOU CANNOT SIGN UP ONLINE - please telephone our Church Office Mobile (07395 979929) on Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays between 9am and 1:30pm, and we will sign up on your behalf.
  • ONLINE SIGN UP - will then be available for all, from 7.00pm each Thursday for the coming Sunday and Tuesday services (up to the limit of 45 People) – see below.

You can sign up online for the following services from 7:00pm on Thursday 30th July, via My Church Suite or via these links: -

You can sign up online for the following services from 7:00pm on Thursday 6th August, via My Church Suite or via these links: -

Please Note:

*  When you sign up, you need to enter information for each person that will be attending with you.

*  As numbers have been lower than expected, we are no longer asking you to sign up to only ONE service, so if you would like to attend more than one church service, please sign up accordingly.


  • From 24th July, following government guidance on enclosed buildings, we strongly request that you wear a face mask/covering when attending any services.
  • The numbers attending all services are restricted with a maximum of 45 people at St Johns and 20 people at St Andrew’s Crabtree (the service at St Andrew’s Crabtree is also restricted to those who would normally attend worship there) and so if more people turn up than we have capacity for, additional people will not be able to enter the building.
  • Everyone must use hand sanitiser prior to entering church.
  • The service will be said and we will listen to worship music, but we are not able to sing under current regulations.
  • At the moment we are unable to offer Holy Communion.
  • There is a one-way system in place and people will need to use the relevant entrances and exits.
  • Chatting with people after the service must be socially distanced and ideally happen outside.
  • We will sanitise and clean surfaces between services.
  • We are currently considering whether we are able to open toilets, but it is best to assume that toilet facilities won’t be available.
  • We are unable to serve refreshments after our services
  • People may wish to wear a face mask/face covering in church, but this is an individual choice

YouTube - Live Stream Midweek Worship:

Jen and Pete Short are continuing to offer livestream midweek sung worship on a Tuesday evening at 8pm

However, we are now moving to the St John’s YouTube channel, rather than Pete’s Worship Channel as previously, so please note that from this Tuesday (4th August) you will only be able to access it by going to youtube.com/SJBBurscough.

If 8pm doesn't work for you to join in with the live stream, the videos will remain on the church YouTube channel so you can watch at any time.

Subscribe to this YouTube channel to receive alerts as new videos are posted.

YouTube – In the Hot Seat (Diane Taylor-Harrison)

There is a new video on our YouTube channel introducing our new reader and staff team member, the lovely Diane Taylor-Harrison.  In the video Diane is put on the spot and answers a collection of (very) random questions sent in by members of our congregation!  Just click this link to watch and enjoy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBjW9a14MJY

YouTube – Our Church Family

Thanks very much to everyone who has sent in photos for the ‘Our Church Family’ video that we have uploaded to our YouTube channel.  We would love to add other images to the video so please do continue send us your photos and you too can become a YouTube sensation!


YouTube - Online Family Praise Parties

Just a reminder if you missed the online praise party last week, don’t forget you can go back and watch the videos anytime on the Church YouTube Channel - youtube.com/SJBBurscough.

 Here is the link to the video that premiered last Friday - St Johns Praise Party - Friday 24th July - which introduces our fantastic brand new curate Chris Neilson dressed up as some interesting characters that you might recognise, and don’t forget we have another one scheduled to go live on Friday 28th August - 6:00pm, so put the date in your diary!

Help Needed

The University of Liverpool are looking for households to take part in coronavirus-related research in the Liverpool City Region.  The research involves a survey study and a virology study to discover who’s had COVID-19.

If you are interested in taking part, please visit https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/covidhouseholdstudy,

or email cvlvfw@liverpool.ac.uk,

or send a text a message to 07717484431”

Previously Circulated Information:

Coming soon - Mental Health First Aid Training:

Could you become a trained Mental Health First Aider? 

It’s been wonderful seeing so many church members chatting, texting, shopping and caring for one another over lockdown.  It’s made a huge difference to so many lives both inside and outside of the church community.  It’s really been an outworking of our focussed Bible verse for 2020 – John 13:34: Love one another as I have loved you.  

Many of us are, or have at some point, been affected by challenges to our mental health.  This can be evident in a number of ways ranging from loneliness to tormenting thoughts that affect our mood and behaviour.  As a church community we can love one another by being ready to offer support to those struggling to connect with life because of mental health challenges, as much as we do to those with an obvious physical illness. 

It’s so useful at public events having those around who are First Aiders, ready and properly trained to give first aid to someone who is injured or ill.  Within St John’s, imagine how marvellous it would be to have a team of trained Mental Health First Aiders trained to spot someone who is developing a mental health issue, spend a little time with them and prayerfully encourage them to access the available professional support. 

We are considering how to best provide training for those who believe this could be something the Lord is calling them to become involved with.  While the training won’t be happening any time soon, we are looking to find out who might want to apply for training when it was available.  If that’s you, please let me know by sending a text, or phoning me to put your name down as someone who’d like to be kept in the loop on this.

Dave Emmett          07931 576546             dave.emmett@stjohns-burscough.org

Church Calling Plan:

In August we will be suspending the plan for the Staff Team to call every member of our church community every three weeks.  This is to accommodate staff holidays and also to give us the opportunity to consider the best plan for offering pastoral care to the congregation as lockdown eases.  However, we are happy to continue to offer this to people who particularly value this contact, so if you would appreciate ongoing telephone calls, please let either Mel Critchley (07395 979929) or Jen Short (jennie.short@stjohns-burscough.org) know .

Fairtrade Purchases:

If anyone is missing purchasing their Fairtrade goods from church, we have some good news!  Liz has some stock available for purchase/order.   

Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Teabags 80 ............................£2.50

Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Decaf Teabags 80 ............................£3.45

Cafe Direct Smooth Roast Instant Coffee 100g ............................£4.15

Cafe Direct Manchu Picchu Instant Coffee 200g (NEW) ............................£7.50

Traidcraft Decaf Instant Coffee ............................OUT OF STOCK

Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies ............................£1.89

Traidcraft Double Choc Chunk Cookies ............................£1.89

Organic Fusilli or Penne Pasta 500g ............................£2.70

Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade ............................£2.65

Sugar ............................OUT OF STOCK.

If you would like to order any of these items, please contact Liz Hawksby on 01704 893264 to arrange payment and delivery/collection.

Recent Funerals

Please pray for the family and friends of the following people who have recently passed away

Trevor Bridge

Cicily Caunce

Vera Evans

Margaret Forshaw

Margaret Jackson

George Finch

Bryan Perret

Alma Hope

Molly Houghton

John Walker


Our verse for 2020: Love one another as I have loved you - John 13:34

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