Harvest Services

29th September @ 3:00pm - Hoscar

4th October @ 6:30pm - Crabtree

11th October @ 10:00am, 4:30pm & 7:00pm - St. John's Church

Dear Friends

Our Harvest celebrations are fast approaching, and as they do so, we look forward to being able to come together as Christians and thank God for all His abundant provision to us. You are thus warmly invited to our Harvest Services, which will be held on:

26th September 3:00pm St Cyprian's Hoscar Speaker:  Rev. Wendy Williams
4th October 6:30pm St. Andrew’s, Crabtree Speaker:  Rev. Brian Abraham
11th October 10am St. John’s Speaker:  Christine Spencer
  4.30pm St. John’s Speaker:  Alan Rimmer
  7pm St. John’s  Speaker:  Uganda Mission Team Member

Of course, as Christians we also have a duty not just to thank God for all He gives us, but also to help our fellow human beings who are not as blessed as we are. With this in mind, the PCC have again decided to donate our harvest offering to help those in need. This year, after much prayer and discussion, we have decided to support International Needs, through the provision of a well in Uganda.

Whilst I appreciate that we are all feeling the squeeze of these challenging economic times, may I encourage us to give to those in even more difficult circumstances than ourselves, as much as we feel able to, through our church offering this Harvest time? We will also be grateful to receive gifts of non-perishable food for the FoodBank (please see below).

Skelmersdale Food Bank

Skelmersdale FoodBank - During the last 12 months, 834 food parcels have been given out and through your generosity here at St. John’s, we have donated 1.5 tons of food. The FoodBank are extremely grateful for our ongoing support. Sadly the demand for food is growing and our donations are vital in helping this ministry to continue. Every tin, bottle, jar and packet really makes a difference.

Suggested food items to donate are as follows: pasta, cereal, jam, rice, sandwich spread. Tins of meat, tuna, vegetables, fruit, custard, rice pudding, potatoes, tomatoes. Packets of noodles, savoury rice and pasta meals, cup-a-soups. Long life milk, sugar, tea bags, coffee and biscuits. Thank you.


International NeedsUganda Flag



“In Uganda, of every 1,000 babies born, 64 will die before they’re five years old. More than 1 million children have been orphaned as a result of AIDS, just 21% of girls and 22% of boys have the opportunity to go to secondary school, access to clean water and sanitation is a real problem.” (Tearfund)

In July 2016, 24 adults and young people from St. John’s will be travelling to Uganda with International Needs (a Christian mission and development agency) to help serve in the community of Buiwke. One of the things which our young people are particularly passionate about is that their visit has a lasting impact and that the lives of people there are changed for the better as a result of the contact we have with them.

Many of the villages surrounding the school in Buiwke have little access to a clean supply of water which has obvious implications for people’s health and general well being. One of our hopes and prayers is that as a community here in Burscough, we will be able to twin with a rural community in Uganda and provide a well for the benefit of the people there. A village called Misindye has been highlighted as one such community.

Burscough Outreach Trust has already made a contribution to begin the process of drilling the well. We now need to raise £5,000 to complete this project. It is hoped that when we visit next year, we will be able to see the impact that our community here in Burscough has made over in Uganda.

Justus Miwanda (Director of International Needs in Uganda) recently sent this message:

“About 400 children would access safe and sufficient water from the well in Misindye. This would reduce the prevalence of water borne diseases in the village. The well will improve the hygiene and general sanitation in the mentioned households. In these households, there are 90 sponsored children who will directly benefit from the well. On behalf of the community, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Burscough for making this happen. This will have a great impact to the health, social, and spiritual aspects of the community. Thanks for enabling us reach this community with God’s love through providing this water for Water is Life. Justus.”



Our 3 primary schools will be contributing to these projects and will be celebrating their harvest services in Church on Friday 9th October. 

THANK YOU for your prayers and support this Harvest. They are greatly appreciated.

On a practical note, if you pay Income Tax and if you would like to make your financial gift go further, can I encourage you to use a GIFT AID envelope (please write “HARVEST” on the front) for your donation and complete the personal details including your signature. We can then increase your gift by 25p for each £1 without further cost to you. (Cheques are to be made payable to: “ST. JOHN’S PCC”). Please return your envelope at any church service or give to a member of the team at church.

With sincere thanks for your prayers and support.

Rev. Ian Jones